List of Cryptocurrency Faucets

A faucet allows people or companies to distribute (usually small) amounts of tokens to users for free every few hours. There are many faucets around and often they have rules about how often coins can be claimed, minimum amounts for withdrawals etc.  I am starting to make a list here to compare the faucets that I have used. I will add to the list as I find new sites and as I get the time to do so. Free Bitcoin Free Bitcoin is a website that includes a bitcoin faucet as well as a lottery, rewards and gambling as well as many other things. The faucet can be used once every hour and gives a fraction of a bitcoin based on a number rolled from 1 to 10000. Most of the rolls give 1 or 2 satoshis but up to 400,000 satoshis can be won if you are lucky. Every roll of the faucet also gives reward points (these can be swapped for bitcoin, vouchers or tech) and lottery tickets that give additional chances of winning bitcoin (it is common to see the top prize here being around 0.1 btc)  There are a

Nolex Exchange and Faucet

An exchange is a website or app that allows you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another. A faucet allows people or companies to distribute (usually small) amounts of tokens to users for free every few hours. NoleX is a website that includes both an exchange and a faucet. Although it's not the biggest exchange, it does offer some currencies not available on many other exchanges and is showing a great deal of promise to be a big exchange of the future.   NoleX *** note that at the time of update to this page (August 2021) the website is undergoing maintenance and will be upgraded to version 2 soon, although the development of the Nole Legends game is being given prioirty *** NoleX is a website that includes an exchange, a faucet, a built-in wallet for keeping your coins/tokens, a dashboard for keeping track of your worth and token information for each of the tokens that are listed in the exchange. The community behind it also have a game in preparation for release at the beginning

List of Cryptocurrency Wallets

 List of cryptocurrency wallets that I have used with some information about each and links to the wallet for PC and/or Android use plus any telegram channels. This list will be updated as and when I take a look at any further wallets.


Gamee Not strictly a cryptocurrency related post (yet) but I first found this via a cryptocurrency challenge in a telegram group and it does provide a potential source of cash that is paid out via paypal which can then potentially be used to purchase cryptocurrency. It's a collection of around 80 small games that can be played on a PC or a mobile device with no additional installation or cost. Every game played earns tickets into a weekly and daily draw for the chance of winning up to $500 per week or $5 per day. Other lucky number game cards also pay out $5 or $100 approximately every 4 hours. Daily spins also give the opportunity to earn small amounts of cash with one spin guaranteeing some cash if you log in for seven consecutive days. The reason that I wrote "yet" in the first line above is that in October 2020 there was an announcement from Animoca Brands and Gamee that there will soon be a Gamee Token being released based on the Ethereum (ETH) token. See this post f

Tron Link Pro Wallet

When I started creating my list of terms, definitions and jargon one of the first terms that I listed was wallet and defined it as: "A piece of software or an app, either on a computer or mobile device, used to securely hold your cryptocurrency" . I'll be adding a list of wallets that I know or have used in another post but thought I'd introduce one in detail here.  TronLink Pro A wallet is one of the most basic things that you need in order to start holding cryptocurrency. You need to know what currencies you will be holding and using but TronLink Pro is one of the best that  I have used for holding currencies based on the Tron (TRX) token. It has a very good mobile version on Android (sorry I can't comment on the iPhone version) that has a nice user interface and gives instant views of your current tokens and their Tron equivalent and US Dollar values. This is also a particularly interesting wallet as it can also be installed as an extension in Google Chrome or

Stay Safe

A quick note today to say that it's really important to make sure you stay safe when getting into cryptocurrency (or even if you've been using it for a while).  Just like you wouldn't give anybody your credit card number, pin number or bank details it is also important to make sure that you don't give out any personal details that would compromise the security of your cryptocurrency. Never give anybody your private keys from any cryptocurrency wallet, never pay cryptocurrency to anybody with the intention of getting a return from them, watch out for unsolicited emails or messages to you that seem dodgy. I would never send an email to anybody asking for any personal details (I have no idea who any of my readers are and as this blog is just a personal account of my experiences I have no intention of making contact with you).  Scam emails are rife in the cryptocurrency world so make sure that you stay safe and please think, if something sounds too good to be true then it i

Terms, Definitions and Jargon

I will use this space to write some (hopefully) plain English definitions of common terms related to cryptocurrency and I will keep updating this post so please bookmark it if you find it useful. Airdrop A time-limited promotion where cryptocurrency coins or tokens are given away in return for doing small tasks, like promoting the currency on social media, downloading software, referring friends etc. Cryptocurrency A purely digital currency that is secured by cryptography. Exchange An exchange is a website or application (app) that allows you to exchange one cryptocurrency for another kind of cryptocurrency. There are lots of different ones around that cater for various products, some are really large financially but only offer changes in a handful of major currencies whereas others may include lots of smaller currencies or tokens for exchange. When choosing an exchange you need to consider fees for exchange and for transferring in/out. A list of exchanges that I have used can be found